Tiffany April

Tiffany April

Painting and light-based installation.

Gallery Representation:
Wall Space Gallery
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Tiffany April


Tiffany April is a visual artist working in painting and light-based installation. April completed her MFA at the University of Ottawa (2019), and her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Arts at Concordia University (2014). In 2020, She was shortlisted for the RBC Emerging Artist Award. Her work is nationally and internationally collected and in 2018 joined the City of Ottawa’s art collection. April participated in TAKT residency (Berlin, Germany 2015), and has exhibited in Canada and abroad including Berlin and South Korea. April works in her Ottawa-based studio at Studio Space Ottawa.

Artist Statement

I am an Ottawa-based artist working in painting and sculptural light installation. My practice examines the effects that digitization is having on social structures and the human condition. I challenge the perceived autonomy of humans from all ‘Other’ beings, organic and inorganic. I see these groupings as linked together through code and algorithms. I paint to depict possible Post-human futures inspired by aspects of digital fluidity, capturing human and ‘other’ in a constant state of becoming.

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