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Medium: Painting, sculpture, installation, animation, new media


Pansee Atta is an Egyptian-Canadian visual artist, curator, and researcher living and working on the unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishnaabe nation in Ottawa. Her work examines themes of representation, migration, archives, and decolonization using a variety of new media. Her ongoing research and activist practice centers community-based responses to colonial projects of collection, display, study.

Artist Statement

I am drawn to archives of violence: museums, bodies, cities, texts, and the absences within them are all repositories of memory and trauma, and it is only by reimagining them that we can begin the reparative work of global decolonization. Using a diversity of new media forms, I strive to insert my body and those of others who labour, struggle, reproduce, and resist into historical canons and liberatory futures in which they are currently unwelcome. The archive may be unyielding, but I envision my work in the small fissure that must form before it gives way.
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