Susan Roston

Hothead clay design and mixed media

Mediums: Clay and mixed media

Gallery Representation:
Studio 66
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My work can be seen and purchased at Studio 66. Please contact me for any information or commission you may wish to speak about and explore.

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Susan Roston


Susan has her art practice in Ottawa, an instructor, arts advocate and has volunteered with under-served, disabled youth and children as well as working with our elders. Susan does not have a typical arts education but has developed her own vision after having spent many years of constant effort in various capacities. Susan helped manage the Almonte Potters Guild, instructing and running various kids programs there as well as doing outreach in outlying areas and then to a studio at Gladstone Clayworks. After over 20 years of practice Susan has opened a semi private studio where she continues to develop. You can find Susan’s work at Studio 66.

Artist Statement

My work can be simple and uncomplicated and holds an edgy quality that make it rebellious, not always perfect and for the most part non conforming to the strict and sometimes rigid expectations of what ceramics is believed to be. That “expected” way is too stiff for my vision. Each individual spike, each individual protrusion and textural element is strategically manipulated, formed and pulled into its own place in order hold relationships with each other, possibly weaving a secret narrative. In order to make this type of work I need to stop the thinking and planning that just tightens everything up and makes everything less spontaneous. Therefore time does not play into how long a piece may take to develop. The immaturity and flaws in my work are just part of my reflection. I can get all pithy about how water, oceans, tidal changes and light influence me and they do to a great extent but that’s too easy an elaboration and I won’t go into the actual meaning of why I do this.

My feeling is that art shouldn’t always be picked apart and the layers don’t need to be peeled back so closely. We can just observe and that’s a more complicated process.




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