SSO Artist: Pansee Atta (photo by Kristina Corre)

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Our studios range in size from 127 sf – 773 sf and are priced from $167 to $1020 / month. Rent includes: tax, insurance, heat/ac, hydro, 24/7 access, wifi, parking, as well as the use of the kitchenette, washrooms, wash station, and common area storage. We offer renewable year-long leases.

Although we do have studios on the first and second levels of our building, please note that the majority of our studios are currently on the second floor and can only be accessed by stairs. 

General Info & Criteria

Studio Space Ottawa operates as an Arts-Service Organization that rents spaces to visual artists.  To be eligible for an art studio at Studio Space Ottawa, applicants must meet the SSO Criteria outlined below. 

SSO Criteria

  • You are a visual artist, an artist team, or an artist collective that has been active for at least two years. 
  • You are a visual artist working in either painting, drawing, collage, textiles, installation, sculpture, ceramics, craft, mixed media, contemporary photography, performance art, and/or new media.
  • You are either an Emerging, a Mid-Career, or an Established Artist. [Commercial or for-profit entities, or those who are full-time students are ineligible to apply] 
  • The nature of your work is derived from an independent and personal art practice.
SSO Artist: John Archer

Additional Considerations

To ensure the diversity of artistic practice within our organization, SSO can prioritize the offering of studios to artists on our pre-approved waiting list according to the representativeness of their practice within our organization.

Application and Rental Process

We’ve replaced the usual requirement for a portfolio with a simple application including one image of your artwork.

If you are interested in renting a space at SSO, you must complete and submit the Application Form. Submissions are reviewed against our criteria and successful applicants are then placed on our pre-approved waiting list. 

When a studio is available, it is first offered internally to our current tenants. When that process is complete, the available space is then offered to our pre-approved waiting list. When that process is complete and the studio remains available, we then advertise it publicly.

All decisions are final and SSO does not provide feedback or updates beyond our initial response. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Click here to apply: SSO APPLICATION FORM

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