SSO FUNFAIR BAGS with photos

For the Art Lover & the Kid in You!

Here’s a quirky fact about our building: a Funfair was the former tenant of our space! It once boasted the laughter of children and adults alike as they played games, climbed walls, road rides, and ate too many delicious treats! It is in this spirit that we present to you our SSO FUNFAIR BAGS Fundraiser! 

All proceeds will go directly to building more art studios for Ottawa artists!


Each bag will contain:

  • Creativity: Two artworks (originals or prints) randomly selected from the amazing works that have been donated to the Funfair by participating SSO artists!
  • Sweet Treats: Cotton candy, candy apple, nostalgic candy, and ice cream!
  • Fun Bling: One Ring to rule them all!    One ring in each bag, taken from a fine collection of seventy four plastic rings and one Joanna Baxter Mosaic ring donated from Wall Space Gallery + Framing.
  • Munchies: Lucky Ducky Popcorn! A rubber ducky in each bag, one of which can be traded in for a huge bag of delicious popcorn.
  • Experience: An exclusive musical performance by Ottawa-based singer-songwriter Andrew Parton! [Click here for details!]
  • Wonder: A live magic show by Ottawa Magician, Chris Pilsworth! [Click here for details!]
  • Togetherness: A future tour of our new spaces when we can safely gather again.

Fair market value of the Funfair bags range from $350 to $550. The value of your support to Studio Space Ottawa: Priceless!

SSO Funfair Bags are now on sale for $150+HST each. Sales end when we run out of Funfair Bags or at 9 pm November 11.

Get one for yourself or to enjoy it with others in your household! All elements can be experienced from the comfort and safety of your own home!

A limited run of 75 bags are being produced!

By supporting our organization your purchase will have an impact on the Ottawa Visual Arts Community! All proceeds will go towards building new art studios for Ottawa artists.


Tiffany April, John Archer, Kathy Bergquist, Ada Brzeski, Bilgin Buberoglu, Willem Deisinger, Julien Delannoy, Niki Economo, Atticus Gordon, Victoria Palmer, Jadzia Romaniec,  and Vivian Törs.

Sales end when we run out of Funfair Bags or at 9pm November 11.



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