Nancy Brandsma Gallery

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Medium: Oil paint on wood panel

Gallery Representation:

Alpha Art Gallery (Ottawa, ON) —

Marten Arts Gallery (Bayfield, ON) —


Bureau des regroupements des artistes visuels de l’Ontario (BRAVO), Membership Coordinator / BRAVO-Est, Member —

Ottawa School of Art, Member —

Arts Network Ottawa, Member —


Nancy BRANDSMA was born in Montreal, Quebec, in 1975. Since 2003, Nancy has received professional training in a variety of media through the Ottawa School of Art. As an active member of BRAVO she has participated in various art projects across Ontario including organizing BRAVO-EST participation in Ottawa’s first ever Nuit Blanche with the exhibit ‘Frenchkiss(er)’ in 2012. She is represented by Alpha Art Gallery in Ottawa and Marten Arts Gallery in Bayfield, and has shown her works in several galleries and festivals across Ontario.

Artist Statement

The incessantly moving paint strokes are directly from my subconscious mind while the colour is guided by informed choice and intent. I am fascinated by raw human emotions and experience. Every scratch mark around us has a story, although unknown these untold stories fascinate and generate discussion and reflection. It is only when you dig deep into the matter that discoveries are made and the mystery is revealed. I invite the spectator to surrender to the rich landscape and let the game begin.

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