Lis Smidt

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Lis Smidt


Born in Denmark and have lived in Ottawa since 1985. 

Raised a family of three children here. 

Master of Arts, Canadian Studies – Art History, Carleton University, Ottawa.

Master of Arts, Danish Literature & Art History, Copenhagen University.

Painting and drawing-lessons from various artists in Denmark and Canada.

Learned to quilt in the late 1990s.

Currently dividing time between Ottawa and Copenhagen.

Artist Statement

Colour and the effect of light is what interests me most.  The power of association, juxtapositions of colour and the many effects of light is what drives my work.  I often find, what I strive for is a way of expressing the associative effects I experience in my surroundings, brought about by effective combinations of colour, form, and often the emotional impact of light.  

My work is abstract.  The images are amounts of colour in simple repeated forms that constitute a surface of colour and form.  I cut up pieces of cloth and sew them together to accomplish an expressive effect.  I work it into a quilt, using time-honoured and contemporary techniques. I have found a positive effect in grounding myself in this technique.  Working through limitations, such as fabric supplies, availability of colours, and the physicality of working the material, in the end help set useful limits and imposes a natural structure for me.  I never start with a blank page or canvas.  I always start with fabric.

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