Kathy Bergquist

Mettle Ottawa

sculpture installation land art


Professional Affiliations:
Canadian Artists’ Representation (CARFAC) Arts Network Ottawa National Capital Network of Sculptors
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Kathy Bergquist


Kathy Bergquist is an emerging artist working in sculpture, installation, and land art. She studied Geography at McGill University and remains a student of geography. Her art education includes a workshop with blacksmith/artist Michael Kinghorn, sculpture courses at the Ottawa School of Art (Nathalie Grice) and the University of Ottawa (Deborah Margo; Carla Whiteside), and a 5 month intensive welding and fabrication course through the University of Guelph, Kemptville campus. Bergquist participated in Articulation (art writing) workshops (Candice Hopkins; Ian Carr-Harris), and has been awarded residencies at the Stegner House in Eastend, Saskatchewan.

Artist Statement

I am interested in how elements of landscape relate to each other, and investigating how forces and matter shape each other is my starting point for exploring identity, transformation, patterns and disruption. Time is a critical dimension in my work; I do not attempt to protect my work from time’s influence, rather I try to incorporate it into my work.

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