Jadzia Romaniec Gallery

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Medium: Oil and acrylic on canvas

Ottawa, Ontario

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I was born in England and came to Canada as a child. My parents are both Polish, forced to leave their country during WWII. Ottawa has been my home for the past 25 years.

I hold degrees in art and psychology and am a professional member with the Ontario Expressive Arts Therapies Association. As well as teaching art, I work with several agencies in and around Ottawa as an Expressive Arts Practitioner. Using visual arts, I assist people with personal growth, healing, and recovery. I have worked in mental health and education in various capacities for over twenty-five years.

My commissioned artwork can be found in numerous schools and churches throughout the Ottawa area.

Please refer to my full biography and exhibition history on my website at jadziaromaniec.com.

Artist Statement

The repeated forms in my artwork serve two purposes. Firstly, they provide a sense of rhythm and movement.  Secondly, the emphasis on repetitions underlies my interest in how people view things differently or change over time. 

When I paint the repeated forms, I work on each figure independently and see them differently each time.   This process allows for an exploration of perception. What is it that I see this time as I look at the forms? As I paint, I reflect on which aspects seem important to repeat; a dark/light pattern, a shape, a colour? What continues to interest me and what has lost meaning or significance? Through painting the same forms again and again, I investigate how perception is shaped or influenced.

The figures in my paintings are situated in ambiguous contexts and sometimes in awkward poses. I am interested in people in the context of life in general, rather than specific times or places. Poses which seem ungrounded and strange reflect the notion that we can find ourselves in situations for which we have little reference. 

Some works include repeated birds, horses, or other symbols.  In my work, birds can mean either things which are disturbing or they can mean freedom, and horses refer to  strong emotions or passions. 

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