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Medium: Ceramics

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Wilno Craft Gallery


I started pottery in 2006 under the tutelage of Anne Chambers. Over the years I have sought to improve my skills by attending many workshops offered by the Ottawa Guild of Potters. I have also attended some intensive pottery courses including ones at Halliburton School of Arts, Alfred University, Lunenburg School of the Arts, and La Meridiana in Tuscany (my favourite!).
I was a member of Gladstone Clayworks for a number of years.
In 2019, I started Studio Space Ottawa with a group of artists and am now on the board of directors. I have a ceramic studio there with 3 other potters.

Artist Statement

My goal in clay is to preserve culture; more specifically, my Polish culture.
Much of my work is inspired by my Polish roots and colourful Wycinanki (Polish paper cutting) I saw during a trip to Poland. I decided to incorporate that art form in my work. Since the mid 19th century, these traditional paper art works were used as decoration, hung in windows, and given as gifts. Subject matter included farm animals, star-shaped “Medallion” and flowers. I taught myself the process of making Wycinanki, researched traditional polish designs and developed some of my own.
The Wycinanki [Vee-chee-nan-kee] becomes the stencil which is placed on a leather hard plate then covered with a coloured slip. When the slip hardens, I remove the paper and the design is revealed. The plates are bisque fired then fired again with a clear glaze, making them food safe. Each plate is unique because the design can only be used once.

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