Friday, November 4th (6 pm – 9 pm)


Saturday, November 5th (12 pm -5 pm)
PARTICIPATING SSO ARTISTS: Steffi Acevedo, Tiffany April, John Archer, Jordan Armstrong, Pansee Atta, Kathy Bergquist, Corinne Blouin, Nancy Brandsma, Conor Brisard, Ada Brzeski, Susan Cartwright, Christine Chesser, Jason Desnoyers, Niki Economo, Christine Fitzgerald, Missy Fraser, Luis Guillermo Leigh, Ayesh Kanani, Darcia Labrosse, Patricia Lafferty, Sarah Leblanc, Richard Leigh-Bennett, Caroline Marshall, Paul Mora, Shannon Morphew, Cléo Munro, Yomi Orimoloye, Fabien Pleur, Donna Randall, Christine Roach, Jadzia Romaniec, Roman Romanovich, Susan Roston, Olivia Rubens, Vivian Törs, Gayle Uyagaqi Kabloona, Ted Willis, Emel Yongacoglu, Lorena Ziraldo.
When you visit us you will see work showcasing painting, drawing, textile, mixed media, photography, sculpture, installation, metalwork, and ceramics. You also have the opportunity to engage with the artists and purchase work directly from them.
Our studios are located over two floors with separate entrances. The first floor is accessed via the South entrance. The second floor is accessed through the main entrance. Volunteers will be on site to help direct you. Entrance is free. Parking is available.
Thank you to our sponsor, Overflow Brewery Company.

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